Paintings for sale

The paintings below are for sale. You can see larger images of these paintings on the gallery page here. If you are interested in buying them and would like to find out more about shipping costs etc, please contact me by email:


From the ‘Something Understood’ collection the following painting is for sale:


‘Engine against the Almighty’                              (detail)

435mm x 335mm encaustic on cradled board

£195 framed. On sale now £155

The following poem accompanies this painting:

Engine against the Almighty

we have to work at it.
Shouldering in
until the idle engines
turn again
Getting back down into the earth
digging deep through the topsoil of polite pretence
mining for God

only anger
will drive us
slapping our ladder
into the side of God
to lean on him

we have to go
head to head
opposing forces
testing the laws
of theo-dynamics

So sometimes
only through sweat
and the raging prayer of protest
can we see
where God is at work
leaning on us.

Image and poem copyright Bridget A. Braybrooks

From the ‘Earth and Vessels’ collection the following paintings are for sale:

‘The Pool and the Sea’

‘The Pool and the Sea’

Encaustic on cradled board 540 x 640 mm

£395 framed

The following poem accompanies this painting:

The Pool and the Sea

I learnt to swim
In the bath-pool at Perran rocks.
For my six year old arms
it was five good strokes,
end to end.

Now my children play
in the pool
of my life.
Coaxing up sea monsters from the depths,
that need the light of day.

I am a container.
A rock space,
forever gathering in and letting go.
Hoping they don’t get bitten by the shadows,
that hide in the depths of me.
Hoping with their innocent investigation,
they might catch one or two that we might name,
and return to their watery home.

They watch the pool.
I watch them
lean-limbed with concentration.

And gathering and letting go,
I am turned and tidied,
washed and watched,
by the eternal horizon of the uncontained sea.

Image and poem copyright Bridget A. Braybrooks




Encaustic on cradled board 640 x 640 mm

£365 on sale now £295

The following poem accompanies this painting:


We had waited so long
watching across the empty space
between us

And for four hundred years
you had watched your words
seeing us
and waiting ….. the timing was always yours

So when that fierce messenger came
I wasn’t ready
So full of words
they had to be drained out of me
Like an upturned hour glass
waiting for the sound of your silence
(like the ‘ssh’ of settling sand)
coming to rest in me

It took nine months for me to empty
less to your more,
losing the weight of words,
as she grew our own fierce messenger

Words weave crooked paths
until we enter the desert
and there are only straight paths
to a listening heart

I wait quietly now
And the Word
dwells in me

Image and poem copyright Bridget A. Braybrooks



Encaustic on cradled board 650 x 830 mm

£395 on sale now £295

The following poem accompanies this painting:


There is a bowl of earth
in the deepest dark of me.
It has lain dormant
a barren wasteland
of hopeless waiting…no longer even watered

The women have said
that life here
feels like the fluttering of butterflies

but that is not so for me
you have made your presence felt
like a fibonacci spiral
a foetal fern unfolding
in the golden green of new things
backflips of life
in sudden amniotic acrobatics

Ahead of the Message
you have uncurled this scoliosis of shame
sending seed scattering
from the deepest desert

And there you go somersaulting
out of the straight path
you have made
of me.

Image and poem copyright Bridget A. Braybrooks



Encaustic on cradled board 640 x 640 mm

£365 on sale now £295

The following poem accompanies this painting:


I have needed time in the desert
to learn my name
to read the signs of weather and sun
to find my way

to wander this pathless place
until you make a straight true path
to the very guts of me
stirring embers
into tongues of fire

that will not be dowsed
even waist deep in baptismal waters
I burn
so you too might hear your name
and turn
This firebrand will leave in flesh
the mark of the One who makes you
but Love as sweet as salving honey
comes with
this chosen belonging

now there is only
the Word in me
I point with all of me
to shifting weather fronts
now this eclipse is done

The Son is coming

Image and poem copyright Bridget A. Braybrooks



Encaustic on cradled board 720 x 920 mm

£395 on sale now £295

The following poem accompanies this painting:


You have gathered yourself
in the heart of me
making a well of my body
a deep containing curve
of motherhood’s mystery

Beneath the surface
are centuries gone and to come
that meet here.

But peering in
I see only a girl’s face
caught in a moment of time
with stars rising and falling
behind her head

You turn
fear stabs from the future
and reaching for your unmade limb
I wonder how hands that fashioned worlds
can now be formed in me

The bright messenger
dealt a strange hand….
Saying a daily yes
all I can do is play patience
folding and unfolding thought
revealing and recovering
the Mystery
with the weight of You
a baby
King of hearts

Image and poem copyright Bridget A. Braybrooks

‘Three Formation I ‘


‘ Three Formation II ‘


‘ Three Formation III ‘

‘Three Formation’

Gelatine acrylic print on cradled board framed

3 x 285 x 285 mm

£150 each or all three for £400 on sale £115 each or all three for £325

The following poem accompanies these paintings:

Three Formation

We are trinities of terra
body, mind, spirit
made in the image of a three way communion.

Some of us lose our mind’s moorings
disconnecting from time and place
like a boat slipping out to see
from another shore.

For others the soul leaves home
the lights go out behind the eyes
too much doing shuts doors on becoming
and the spirit vacates the house
to wander the earth
looking for a place to be.

Some of us misplace the body
placing it mistakenly
as if matter didn’t matter.

So digging deep
we may need to go into the earth
to re-cover mind and spirit
with body
and come home to harbour.

Made in this Image
we are trinities of terra
and we must sail
in formation

Image and poem copyright Bridget A. Braybrooks